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All Around Technology creates multi-room stereo systems designed around ease of use, aesthetics, and performance. Keypad locations, remotes, and iPads provide simple control of volume, source, and track selection. Visually discreet wall, ceiling, and bookshelf speaker installations deliver top sound quality. These speakers are carefully placed so that the music plays seamlessly from room to room, both indoors and out.

Our sound systems incorporate hard-drive based music, satellite radio, MP3 players, and streaming music sources, all of which can be enjoyed from any room in the house.

Most of our clients are primarily interested in background music systems, but many have also designated a single room in which they would like to listen to music in a more serious way. We have the tools and expertise to provide top performance without encumbering the room with unattractive equipment. AAT has satisfied a range of clients looking for this full-range sound, from true 'audiophiles' to concert conductors and rock n' roll aficionados.
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