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It is my privilege to introduce you to the unmatched design and implementation experience of All Around Technology.

A reliable consumer electronics resource for generations of Washingtonians, we have an extensive history in this industry. Our story began in 1959 as the Bethesda retail boutique, Audio Center. In the 1960’s we expanded into commercial installations under the name Professional Products. By 1985 we had become one of the first audio/video home installation firms in the country. Under new management in 1996, we changed our name to All Around Technology and chose to concentrate exclusively on the high-end, custom home construction market.

All Around Technology has become a trusted partner to homeowners, architects, homebuilders and designers – meeting the highest expectations of each group. We recognize the growing need for precisely engineered and effectively managed solutions that provide real value in the area of residential electronics. This is our mission, and we are proud of it.

We have forged strategic alliances with the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of residential electronics in order to leverage their resources for our customers. Our commercial engineering expertise and ability to communicate technical requirements allow us to collaborate with these manufacturers to develop products and features specific to the needs of our clients.

If there are two goals this company has dedicated itself to since its inception over 50 years ago, they are the principles of quality and professionalism. Our experts are at the top of their professions, and the system components they design, install, and maintain for our customers are of the highest quality and reliability.

I am grateful for your interest in what I consider the most talented and committed group of professionals in our industry. I invite you to examine what others have to say about our service, people, and expertise. Review the professional certifications of our employees, look at the industry awards we have received, read feature articles about our performance, and examine our references from leading homebuilders, architects, designers, and most of all satisfied homeowners with very high expectations for quality. Quality that All Around Technology will deliver to you.


Tim Rooney
President & CEO

  • “We came to All Around Technology not knowing quite what we wanted or what was possible in our new home. They listened to our needs and made the process enjoyable.”

    Bill R. Publisher

  • “As architects, we are always concemed about the integration at all aspects of design. When I work  with the professionals at All Around Technology, they are able to achieve great technical performance while using high quality materials and design techniques that ensure their systems work seamlessly with the overall intent of each room.”

    Stephen Muse,Principal
    Muse Architects


  • “We rely on All Around Technology to deliver complete technology solutions. They share our unique understanding of timely production scheduling, and we know we can rely on them to manage our client’s expectations. For us, it’s easy. We trust in their expertise and leave it to them. The end result always reflects well on us.”

    Joe Bohm, Principal
    Horizon Builders