Home automation

Your home entertainment, communications and security systems have quality components and outstanding performance. Now it may be time to consider the ultimate step of maximizing their utility with a fully integrated touch screen system. Herein lies the focus of All Around Technology’s intelligently programmed integration systems.

The Beauty of Integration
We deliver award-winning solutions that are in sync with the overall home. Specifically, we add a supplemental key layer of technology that incorporates all your home systems. You can be confident that every electronic component and system will operate in unison so you will enjoy optimum performance with minimal concern about control and operations. You can monitor security cameras in real-time, organize lighting scenes, customize your music selections, work on your computer and much more – all from any touch screen location. That’s integration. Beautiful.

But flawless integration of a home cannot be achieved without extensive knowledge of how the individual systems involved function both independently and in concert. Their capabilities need to be fully understood and they must communicate with reliability and efficiency using a sophisticated programming platform to tie everything together.

All Around Technology specializes in designing and implementing these systems and regularly earns the esteemed national CEDIA award for excellence. We are able to achieve such heights thanks to both our depth of programming and our high level of certification in all of the platforms involved. These certifications are scarce and require years of investment to obtain.

Integrate at the Front End
Adding this integration layer of technology is complex and should be approached before your new home is being built. A consultation during the design stage is essential for this level of integration. So, while you’re planning your home, let the experts of All Around Technology make it easy to decide how integration can better your lifestyle. We’ll take the mystery out and put the beauty in.

  • “We came to All Around Technology not knowing quite what we wanted or what was possible in our new home. They listened to our needs and made the process enjoyable.”

    Bill R. Publisher

  • “As architects, we are always concemed about the integration at all aspects of design. When I work  with the professionals at All Around Technology, they are able to achieve great technical performance while using high quality materials and design techniques that ensure their systems work seamlessly with the overall intent of each room.”

    Stephen Muse,Principal
    Muse Architects


  • “We rely on All Around Technology to deliver complete technology solutions. They share our unique understanding of timely production scheduling, and we know we can rely on them to manage our client’s expectations. For us, it’s easy. We trust in their expertise and leave it to them. The end result always reflects well on us.”

    Joe Bohm, Principal
    Horizon Builders