Ultimate Cinema

All Around Technology specializes in designing residential theaters and screening rooms that redefine the home theater experience. Our goal is to provide our clients with the same industry standards of audio and video performance as a Hollywood post-production facility.

All Around Technology works closely with you, your architect, designer, and contractor during the construction of your home. The process begins with a careful study of the planned space.

Our professionals draw on extensive theater design expertise to create the ideal room layout, from the ground up. HVAC system design, power and grounding requirements, and house-generated noises are scrutinized to eliminate any distractions from the movie experience. A specialized acoustical study of the room is then produced for precise specification of absorptive, reflective, and refractive materials. Finally, the finished treatments are selected in collaboration with your designer and architect.

After all elements and processes are determined, All Around Technology works to coordinate and track the construction process. Architectural drawings and renderings are produced at each phase. Speakers are hidden, video equipment is architecturally incorporated, and all components are strategically located for maximum impact and minimum intrusion.

When the room is complete and all systems are installed, our team of experts calibrates the room to create a cinema environment that rivals the standards of commercial theaters. Video calibration is performed by specialists who have worked closely with Hollywood’s post-production community and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) to develop the latest standards for picture resolution, color temperature, light output, contrast ratio, and color decoder accuracy. Audio recording industry specialists are called on to tune the equalization settings, reflection delay, and response levels.

Please view our Gallery to see examples of our award-winning home theaters.

  • “We came to All Around Technology not knowing quite what we wanted or what was possible in our new home. They listened to our needs and made the process enjoyable.”

    Bill R. Publisher

  • “As architects, we are always concemed about the integration at all aspects of design. When I work  with the professionals at All Around Technology, they are able to achieve great technical performance while using high quality materials and design techniques that ensure their systems work seamlessly with the overall intent of each room.”

    Stephen Muse,Principal
    Muse Architects


  • “We rely on All Around Technology to deliver complete technology solutions. They share our unique understanding of timely production scheduling, and we know we can rely on them to manage our client’s expectations. For us, it’s easy. We trust in their expertise and leave it to them. The end result always reflects well on us.”

    Joe Bohm, Principal
    Horizon Builders